Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I just dont get it....

I am not a parent so there are some things I know I dont understand when it comes to children. But there are some things that I know that are just not normal.... I know kids dont come with a manual... But I just dont understand how flippin stupid people can be... Here is where my problem is.... I can not stand that somebody I know is the biggest fony and faker on the planet, I dont like the fact that this person has negativly affected people who are very close to me including myself. It bothers me that they dont give two shits about anybody including their own children, neices, newphews, etc. Bottome line you dont fuck family... If you know me well, you have probably figured out what this is in reference to. If you dont then I am sorry that this might be a little confusing for you. I dont understand you somebody can be a certain person all the time how you can be so close to them and believe everything they say, espeically when it comes to somebody else you is also in the circle that is supposed to be the bad guy.. and then you find out that the person who you thought was the "victim" all this time is actually a dirty slutty whore. I believe that everybody has total control over their lives, you live and die by the decisions you make everyday. It is your fault and only your fault if you choose to stay in a bad relationship, shitty job, etc. It is your fault if you decide to continue to let people treat you a certain way. There is no reason and no excuse to let those decisions negativly affect the innocent. Its not fair. Its fucked up that your children are embarrassed by what you have done because it is almost unspeakable, and then to act like its ok and to act like "my children are adults they can deal" which isnt entirely true, one of them is not an adult. It also bothers me when parents do things to spite the other, yeah we get it you wanna be the favorite. Which in reality is fucked up, you should be an equal parental unit, no matter if you are married, together, seperated or divorced. It is really fucked up when a certain parent decides to try to be the friend and the favoirte by giving a child anything they want and not making them take responsibilty for any of their actions, do you really think you are helping??? Seriously, your child is gonna fail miserably. It really pisses me off that a parent will do things that are illegal and ridiculous just so you can slowly win back favoritism. Bottom line if you want a good/great/amazing reltionship with your children or with anybody.... 1. Dont be a dirty liar, dont fuck family, dont continue to lie and be sneaky, WE SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOUR BULLSHIT. 2. Dont make decisions that are obviously wrong just so you dont lose everything, if you are on the verge of losing everything (family wise) you probably deserve it. 3. Actually be a parent, not a friend and definatley not a dirty liar. 4. Actually tell the fuckin truth, dont pretend like you havent done anything wrong dont pretend like you arent full of shit, THE PLANET SEES RIGHT THROUGH YOU.

To the person that this is in reference to, this is exactly what I want to say to you, maybe one day I will, maybe not. But until I know it wont hurt certain people(besides you) I will have to keep it to the blog....

You are absolutly awful. Bottom line. I can not believe that have fooled me let alone fooled people who are supposed to the closest to you. I think what you have done is the lowest of the low, and its embarrassing how you act like the other side is the lowest of the low. Nobody is perfect I get it, I know I am not perfect. But you are the one who made the decision to stick it out as long as you did, you are the one who kept yourself in that situation for as long as you did, you are the one who let a certain person treat you that way for so long. Its your fault. You could have made other decisions that I know you have thought about that would have been a hell of a lot better than the decisions you are making now. I know that cause you have talked to me about it. And I might not know everything and I might not know exactly how you feel, but I do know how it feels to know you. And as of now it really really sucks. You have hurt so many innocent people who are all connected and close and you dont give a shit, you are the most selfish and undeserving person I have ever known. And the worst part is that I have to deal with you for the rest of my life. It pisses me off to no end that we used to be close we used to hang out and you dont even care to do that anymore cause you are to busy working on another relationship that shouldnt even exist. You do have the right to be with and do whatever you want. But you shouldnt have pretended for so long that you werent the type of person to do the things you have done. It is embarrassing that the way you are tryin to win certain people back by letting them do whatever they want by letting them make decisions they are not capable of making. You reap what you sow. It is awful that certain people are just ok with not talking to you, they dont care. Its awful that they wont tell you how shitty you are and how shitty you have made them feel. They wont tell you cause they know all they will get from you is bullshit. I am not ok with that. Its not fair for everybody else to feel awful cause of what you have done and the strain you have put on other people all the time and for you to be out livin it up in the bullshit you call a life and have a bad day every once in a while its not fair its not ok. I have thought that when I have children how great it would be to have you so close and always around, but now I dont want you near the children I might have one day, I dont even want you around my dogs cause I dont want any of your awful karma and bull shit to rub off on them! I dont want you to be a part of anything cause I know it is all fake and bullshit. You have definatley by a landslide won the award of the crappiest person crappiest parent and shittiest over all person under the freakin sun.

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