Friday, January 16, 2009

I might be a Grandma......

I am almost positive that 99% of the people who just read that headline, are like WTF??? Well...... My dog, who is actually treated like a daughter(ridiculous i know), might be PREGO!! Well at least I hope she is!! She went into heet about 2-3 weeks ago (the prime of her heet was then) and I took her on 2 dates with a very handsome stud... The stud belongs to a client/friend of mine. She owns her own grooming/boarding business right by where I work. And I have been wanting to breed my Daisey for a long while now and I happened to talk to Kim about it from time to time and it just so happpened that it worked out that we would try to breed this time. Kims dog, Royal, is a Poodle (not the big kind), and I know that sounds really weird to breed my beagle with a poodle.... Well it was like my only option.. I have had the hardest time finding a stud beagle!!! All the beagles are way to big!! Daisey is very petite for a beagle and in order to breed properly and safely you should only breed a male that is the same size or smaller than your female. And in no way would I want to jeopardize my dog... So it was to hard to find a mature male beagle that was small enough so then I thought about a pug, welllllll that would have worked but I only know one person with a pug and I am not comfortable seeking out a stranger for my and Daisey's first time.. And the one person I know with a pug was unavailable while Daisey was in her "prime time". So I said heck with it, lets "do the poodle".... So now I am anxiously awaiting my Daisey to start showing some signs of pregnancy. And if she is prego then she would give birth the first week of March. But the other bummer is, even if she does start to show signs of pregnancy, they could be false, which would TOTALLY suck, cause the only way to find out if they are false or not is to 1. wait and see, 2. take her for a sonogram.... and I am not taking my dog in for a sonogram, especially cause this isn't really a business thing. Its kinda just for fun.. Saying all that, I tell my Grandma, who is always excited about everything I do, and I soooo thought she would think this was wonderful, and she was MAD!! I couldn't believe it!!! Her reasoning was, if I really loved my dog I wouldn't put her through that!!! I bout shit a brick!!! Do not for any reason EVER question my love for my dogs and for that matter do not ever question my love for anything!!!!! I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but I recovered from it. I told her that 1. It is a totally natural thing for a dog to give birth the way they do, 2. That if she is saying how could i do that to her, thats almost like saying, How could Eric ever do that to me?? (if we decide to have kids) ITS A PART OF LIFE!!!!! Dogs have been giving birth forever all by themselves, they are strong enough for it and they are meant to breed!!! (by that I mean reproduce to keep their species going) And yes I know there are alot of people doing awful things to dogs and creating puppy mills, but I WOULD NEVER do something like that nor do I support it. I have done more than my fair share of good will towards dogs and other animals and I always will. Then I told my Grandma (who also has 2 dogs that are treated like children that are both extremely overweight) that if somebody or some dog had not gotten prego and had not given birth, she would never have the dogs that she loves so much!!! I would never have gotten my dog Duece who I would probably sell my house for (as embarrassing as that is) and I would never have my Daisey either, and I told her that, if I could give the gift of my wonderful and beautiful dog Daisey to anther person who is deserving of a dog (as in one of her puppies), then I have given somebody else the joy and love and companionship that Daisey has given me. And honestly, what is so horrid about that?? And yes I understand there is a huge difference between people giving birth and dogs giving birth, We take care of our "young" forever and dogs dont really care (as far as we know) to take care of their puppies any longer than they have to, normally about 8 weeks. And I know bad things can happen when your dog goes into labor, bad things happen to women when they have babies. But how do we know that us having children is any different to a dog, than a dog having puppies??? I dont think it is, they do what their instincts tell them and it has served them very well for all this time.

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